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mesoamerica's Journal

Reconstructionist Traditions of Mesoamerica
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This is a community for the discussion of the religions of Mesoamerica from the Olmec to the Aztec.
This is a community favoring the freeflow of discussion on the ancient religious practices of Mesoamerica. All points of view are welcome and responsible debate is encouraged however personal attacks will not be tolerated. This community is for newbies and experts alike.

The following definition and map is courtesy of FAMSI (http://www.famsi.org):
"The term "Mesoamerica" refers to a geographical area occupied by a variety of ancient cultures that shared religious beliefs, art, architecture, and technology that made them unique in the Americas for three thousand years–from about 1500 B.C. to A.D. 1519–the time of European contact.

Mesoamerica is one of our planet's six cradles of early civilization. Many aspects of the ancient cultures of Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and México continue to the present and several of these cultural inventions and traits have spread throughout the world."