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May. 7th, 2008 @ 06:19 am Mayan Documents for Download
Reprinted from the Aztlan mailing list where it was posted by Lloyd Anderson:

Documents here are copyright © 2007, 2008 by Lloyd Anderson but may be freely used as long as properly cited.

Issues in Translation generally -- a quick introduction which also has links to the next items.
     Translation Problems for Traditional High Cultures -- Please click here.

Structured analysis and translation of the Popol Vuh lines 1-1720 (through the defeat of 7 Macaw), conveniently usable thanks to the generosity of Allen Christenson providing the electronic files on which this version was based but is also in many places substantially new..

Translating the Popol Vuh -- Please click here. Please read also the item just above on translation science.

Popol Vuh cover page (an older much shorter version of the preceding) -- Please click here.

The Popol Vuh in Quiché -- Please click here.

The Popol Vuh in English -- Please click here.

Spelling patterns in Mayan hieroglyphic writing: CVC vs. CVVC vs. CV'C Please click here.

An account of the history of investigations, of several different hypotheses each of which explains some of the data but leaves some part of it unexplained. (Any single explanation alone is probably to be rejected.) Along with a table of the most generally accepted examples of relevant synharmonic and disharmonic spellings. Please click here.

Concordance to Mayan Vases, from Kerr Numbers to pages in his Mayan Vases ( 6 volumes, 1989 through 2000) and to illustration and page numbers in several important publications. Please click here.

 With thanks to Justin Kerr. To view vases see www.FAMSI.org under "Kerr photographs". Also available at FAMSI are concordances in the other direction from other publications to Kerr numbers. Thanks to Dorie Budet for an updating 25 April 2008 of the MS numbers from the "Mayan Survey" project by Ron Bishop and herself. Used with permission.

Topical lists of Mayan Vases which show related scenes or clusters of motifs. Please click here. This is an alternative to searching the Kerr Vase Database (see above) for single motifs.
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